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Some call it a Floor Zamboni, others call it a Scrubber Dryer, but the industry typically refers to these labor saving floor machines as Autoscrubbers. 

They look very similar to the Zamboni machine which grooms the ice at hockey games. However, these autoscrubbers make fast work of scrubbing, cleaning, and drying floors in one quick pass.

Autoscrubbers (or floor zambonis) come in different configurations:
Walk-behind, Stand-on, and Ride-on.

America's 1st Maintenance stocks a variety of autoscrubbers in different sizes and models to meet your particular need .. from compact walk-behinds to large area ride-ons.

We also service and repair autoscrubbers, whether we sold them to you or not. Check out our equipment services for a "floor zamboni".

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Floor Zamboni AS430 Floor Zamboni SC450 SC 500 Floor Zamboni Floor Zamboni AS710-R Floor Zamboni Advenger

Walk-Behind Autoscrubber
Viper AS430C

(706) 677-8197


Walk-Behind Autoscrubber
Advance SC450



Walk-Behind Autoscrubber
Advance SC500


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Ride-On Autoscrubber
Viper AS710R


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Ride-On Autoscrubber
Advance Advenger

(505) 603-0101


Additional Autoscrubber (Floor Zamboni) Information


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Floor Zamboni Ride-on

Ride-on Floor Zamboni versus Walk-Behind

There are advantages with a floor autoscrubber whether it is a ride-on, stand-on or walk-behind.  Which is best for you? 

Stand-on machines provide a better line-of-sight, similar to a walk-behind.  Operators can cover more ground in a shorter amount of time as compared to the walk-behind models. They can clean for a longer amount of time without fatigue.

Ride-on scrubbers are useful for the larger machines built to cover more width in each pass.  Walk-behind models can be quite nimble and fit into small areas.

Check out our inventory and call us for our professional advice!


Floor Zamboni Stand-On Model

Autoscrubber Maintenance Tips

Maintenance will depend on the amount of usage, but here are some guidelines:

Bi-Monthly: Check batteries at least twice a month.  Poor battery maintenance is the number one reason for failure.

Daily: Clean tanks, squeegees, pads/brushes and the debris tray daily.

Monthly: Service the cleaning technology, clean the battery cable connections, take amperage draw readings and battery specific gravity readings.

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Floor Zamboni Walk Behind

Are you a Candidate for an Autoscrubber?

If you are considering the purchase of an autoscrubber, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Total footage: There are autoscrubbers available in all different sizes from very small, compact sizes to large ride-on models. Knowing your square footage will guide you to the right machine.

  2. Floor Accessibilty: Are there a number of items to negotiate around such as tables, chairs, and planters? Are there very tight areas?

  3. Storage Space: Where will the autoscrubber be stored?  Storage space considerations can impact the autoscrubber that is right for your facility and you may need to look at smaller options due to storage constraints.

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